For some craft beers are consumed all year round and as you know you can do this at The Cally.  However, we always find that winter is a great time to try an introduce our customers to craft beer for the first time… you might ask why?  1. Our customers are looking to do something different 2.  It is winter we are looking for rich tasty things to enjoy and a craft beer might just be your thing 3. We always like to learn and explore and what better way to do this than through BEER and possibly make a few friends along the way… Our space is very limited and this year we will be having a beer night on the 13th August with Hawkers Brewery from Melbourne and August 20th with Little Creatures.  They are casual events… no beer knowledge needed just come and have a good time and enjoy some great beers and food. Cost is $20 buck and you can purchase your tickets online

Thursday August 13th – Hawkers Brewery Craft Beer Night @ Cally Hotel

Thursday August 20th – Little Creatures Craft Beer Night @ Cally Hotel